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Boran Cattle Breeders' Society of SA

The South African Boran was founded out of a need by commercial farmers that were tired of over managed and over fed animals and started searching for the ultimate grass fed animal. It had to survive in our countryís diverse climate and handle periodic droughts without human intervention and good management. We had two extremes, on the one hand the perfect carcass animal (high maintenance & expense), and on the other hand we had indigenous breeds (lower income from abattoir penalties) that was just not meeting our market standards. But there was nothing in between and so the Boran came to fill the gap with an acceptable carcass for our market with low to no input cost (optimum income).

Upcoming Sales

●  Stoffberg Auction
     30 September 2020
●  Sale Pamphlet
     ●  Sale Catalogue

●  Els Boran Dispersal Sale
     01 October 2020
    ●  Sale Pamphlet
     ●  Sale Catalogue
     ●  Video

●  Hurwitz Farming Summer Sale
     07 October 2020
    ●  Sale Pamphlet

●  Out of Africa
     17 October 2020

●  Mambushi Sale
     30 October 2020




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