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The Logix system is a collection of databases and programs that addresses the animal recording needs of a broad spectrum of role-players within the livestock industry, from breeders and owners of purebred animals to the personnel of registering authorities, performance recording agencies, National and Provincial Government agencies, advisors and consultants and related industry organizations.

The purpose of the Logix user interface is to provide the various users with a structured, user-friendly and seamless interface with the relevant databases and to address their specific information and data exchange needs through functional routines and screens, bound together by an appropriate system of menus.

Beef Recording
       ■      Beef Recording made easy:  Data are converted into useful management information to improve efficiency.
       ■      Farm management programs are completely integrated in herd management systems via the web based Logix direct.
       ■      Genetic evaluation enables the farmer to select animals that are adapted to the production environment and that meet
                market requirements.
       ■      Special advice focuses on the unique requirements of each herd.
       ■      Continuous developments and enhancements ensure a dynamic and modern system.
       ■      All info regarding the herd and individual animals are available 24/7 on the web via Logix.  It can therefore easily be
               incorporated into management decisions.


We make a difference
       ■      We deliver a one-stop service which covers all aspects of beef recording in one organization.
       ■      The industry owns the system, thereby fulfilling the requirements of the farmer directly.
       ■      Our researchers are registered at SACNASP, thereby ensuring a scientific and professional service to all role players.
       ■      We have world class Research and Development capacity and international cooperation with other world leaders on animal breeding and genomic selection.
       ■      We cooperate with the University of Pretoria and other local universities and research centers.
       ■      Specialized courses and training ensures that the latest information and technology reach farmers.

Cost effective and efficient service delivery
       ■      Full field services, including on-farm and centralized growth tests, genetic evaluation, technical advice, professional services, technology transfer and all data services.
       ■      No hidden costs or surprise invoices transparent cost structure that includes all services, reports and advice.
       ■      A mixture of experienced and vibrant young staff members as service to each participant.



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